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I have a big sweet tooth right now. I blame the holidays. This maple candy I just ate was the best thing ever- it consists of maple syrup and cane syrup and was made by maple grove farms of vermont, and I should remember this.

Also, I love Riva so much. I didn't realize, but I haven't written about her since before she left... I think before burning man. Definatly. She spent the night last night. The first time I've spent more than a few minutes with her since she got back to Berkeley. I am so happy.

Also, I get to see cos soon? Yay! Hearing his voice on the phone makes my heart smile.
hair syrup curl

I'll only get to see the love of my life once

before she goes off to massachusetts *cry*

I'm still doing the symphony thing, apparently the concerts are the 8th and 9th, not the first. Its still really hard and exhausting, and I need to see people before they go back to school. I have a growing list, off the top of my head: Laura G, Freya, Megan, Janelle, Chantal, Riva... who else is going to unreachable in a month or two? I fully intend of visiting Davis people so they don't even count.
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Its is only 9:20 am, and as of 8:50, I was having an amazing day. I was like, woah, my day, so far, is amazing. Less good not cause i just spent like 15 minutes reading lj, but its cool.

I got up at 5:30am, at perfect timing with my dream, cause the alarm clock dinged right as I was refering to it in a sentance in my dream conversation. So I woke up, and was like, "exactly." Then, right as it dinged, emily knocked on my door to tell me she was done with the computer, so i could use it. I was like, cool. So I got up (mind you, thins was after going to bed at midnight), and went upstairs to scan things, finished at 6:50, in time to go dow stairs, have breakfast, put on socks and shoes and leave for orchestra. It was great.

I played ok on my playing test, I didn't, like, freak out and start shaking like I sometimes do. I sat listening to other people, but then was like, wait, I could leave and go buy Riva a rose or something and run some school related errands and be back with no explanation. Great. So, With no explanation, I left. The first part of my errand- find BHS yearbook class- was unsuccessful. Then I went to an invisible magical secret feild of sunflowers and picked one of the inconspicuous ones for Riva, and got back roight after the last person played.

She complained about me getting her a flower/ acknowledging her birthday at all, but she was dressed as a crow, and crows like sunflowers. I think she liked it.

Then I dropped something by IS and it totally felt like I had just been there. In truth it had been over 12 hours, but it was kinda cool and made me happy, to be the last to leave and one of the first to show up. I like being the only one in a big room that often has many people in it.

Then I biked home. Now it is now. I wish the afternoon sun (I first wrote that as sin. I like the image.) came in in the morning as well, its a tad bleak, but be that as it may, I have until 1:00pm to finish my composition.
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NOt wanting to actually write an entry reminds me of a time I had riva and Jeff over, and I wrote Happy in the subject line, and put a heart in the body.
Here I would growl.
I have no reason. I'm fine.
hair syrup curl

"lets see if we can drive sanely" - Phil

"I think it's just force of habit now to make Mackenzie shaped holes when I sit." -Riva.
That touches my heart with a soft, caressing hand. Its hard to get used to being valued, and expected. People not only don't mind my company, they often seek it out, oh wow, and are even used to it! (how do I express the resulting emotion in one word? Yay.)

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I love to hear the sound of the birds morning, Its beautiful to lay comfortably half awake, and smell the sound of the birds and the grey dawn colored light. Its as beautiful as deep silent chimes, maybe underwater, or translucent magenta. The pure meaning of peace and tranquility is 5 in the morning with nowhere to be and a nice dream still going on the threshold of consciousness. I was aware for a while of both the dream world and reality: My own solid soft body and the theoretical existence around it, which I consider not solid, as I sense it, but am not it. So, This caused My dream self to become a bird. (oh, the sweet bird girl, I cannot claim her as my own. One always does say, If you love a bird, set it free?)

I had a very nice, well loved day today. When I woke up, some where between ten and noon, my mom was speculating as to whether any friends would visit me today. I expected not and wished she would change subjects so I wouldn't get my hopes up. Shortly there after, Noltango paid a surprise visit. Oh that was so happy.Collapse )I hope he didn't mind, I just had to kick him out because I wanted to take advantage of my rare ambition, and sew some. A bit later, Freya paid a visit (they are always in clusters!). Collapse )
Around late evening, 7ish or 7:30, Riva called, because she was planning on playing cards with her parents, and her parents wanted to know if I'd join them. I decided to, and had a very nice time playing heart, and seeing Riva again after a week.

All in all, a good day.