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Young Composers New Music Concert
First time ever world wide debut of several peices by several wonderful people.
Including, your's truely.

My piece is called An Oversized Musicbox.
It is on first, so you have to get here on time.

Tomorrow, 7:30 p.m. May 23!
Trinity chapel church
Dana and Durant, near telegraph

doors open at 6


Be there or be square!

(unless I don't like you, in which case you are probably already square. :) Better than being triangular I guess, if you are trying to roll any place.)
hair syrup curl


I "finished" my piece- The one I've been belly-aching about 3 months or more now. More like 5, I guess. Or more. Prolly more. Damn.

Well, I worked on it all day, in between procrastinating and wasting time, and now I am tired and my back hurts.

Also, as much as I have pushed Genevieve away, i miss her a little, because I haven't been seeing her online or in class. I shall have to visit with her.

hair syrup curl

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I am peaceful today. I might even say happy. Yes, I might. but definatly very peaceful, veryvery content. I prcticed viola this mornng, and had breakfast, and brushed my hair, and did a little homework, ad washed a pair of pants, and cleaned offthe livingroom table, and put on new socks, and finished the last chapter of a book... and even had lunch. Yes, very peaceful. it is quiet here, but not silent. I'm alone, but not alone, and not lonely either. I think I'll take a nap before reading Paul Krugmn articles of the week (and summarizing them), and looking at my calculus homework, and writing a chord diagram for my harp peice. perhaps I'll call carmel about mendellson octet,but by that time it'll be about 5 prolly.