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Life went back to being awesome

I am in a much better mood than I have been. I got into a painting class. This is good for mental well being. :) I like things. I got a massage for hella long by three different people last night. Carla and a boy she picked up on a train recently (Javier?) used our kitchen for food. Javier is a good cook, and made duck and lentils and greens, with a little some sort of sauce. The presentation was beautiful. Andy and I cleaned the whole apartment thoroughly while waiting for them to get groceries. Chris and Emma came over, and we had a little dinner party. It was so so lovely. Javier has a whole lot of stories from traveling whimsically all over Europe, couch surfing and such. Then we all hung out and snuggled on our huge bed. This is where the massages happened. Then I melted Carla with massage. Mmmm, touching. People are such social animals.
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Thoughts, purging

I went to a Lecture by Josh Viertel, president of Slow Food USA. That was great. It was inspiring and revamped my already serious interest in the topic. It was just what I needed. Especially since it gave me a lot of ideas of what I want to focus on this semester. Great.

I got in a lot of great conversations, with people from community partnerships at SLC, with Josh (the speaker), with the person who sat next to me, other people milling around, and finally this senior I had met in passing before, who is much cooler than I thought. We went to go get food at an Irish diner that I absolutely must go back to sometime, but its a little far to drive. Maybe bike? We were both hungry and Bates was closed by the time we finally wanted to wander out of there (which, if you know me, you would know was pretty much after everyone else had left. The best conversations are with the stragglers, cause those are usually the most passionate, dedicated, or involved).

OMG the Irish diner was delisious. I got corned beef hash, and potatoes with gravy. Perhaps not the most environmentally friendly, but it is community friendly, being a very local diner.

When Jake dropped me back off, we exchanged numbers and I went into Hill house, where my classmate opened the door for me and told me I looked absolutely beautiful today, which made me feel great. I gave him a hug. He said I always look beautiful, but especially today. I was just wearing a tanktop and my winter skirt I've worn every day this week. It might be because I looked happy.

Then I got to spend a little time with my housemate Michelle, while organizing my to do list.

I'm in an ok mood, but worn a little thin. I need to relax. I want a long bath but I need to clean my bathroom, and homework trumps that.

Saturday? Can I relax Saturday? Please?
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When I have the power to do so, when I am making a home in a place where I intend to put down my roots, deep, I will have a fig tree, and it will grow huge, and I will craft a bench and a little table, and a twoseater bench swing, and a hammock, and I will have a walnut tree, and next to it, I will grow spinach, and between the spinach and the walnut tree will be a bench, and a water fountain, and a little plate, chained to the bench, and a little nut cracker chained to the plate.

I'll also have a peach tree, a lemon tree, a plum tree, rasberry bushes, grape vines...

And I think I will have a really awesome tree house.

I need to go visit sebastopol.
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WTF Friday?

How did it get to be friday already? Seriously what the fuck. I actually remember my week, more or less, but it seemed to go by so fast.
Also, after eating two lunchs, this is the first time in a couple days that I haven't been hungry. What is wrong with me. I can't convey quite how frustrating this is. I am tired of eating. I'm trying to eat the right things- fruit, bread, cheese, meat, beans, chocolate, a lot more fruit, even some veggies. And I'm putting on weight. Its like I'm a brown bear in fall. I hate it. It makes me want to starve myself until I wither away, because at least then I wouldn't have to be eating all the time. (not that I will. I wont.) HOnestly, if I eat breakfast, I shouldn't be hungry half an hour later. And then, after eating second breakfast at school, I shouldn't feel hungry an hour later.
So my fix was to eat my bagel/cream cheese during third and then go buy a slice of pizza. Please god let me stay un hungry, because I don't want to eat again for at least several hours. I've composing to do (I'll do it in a moment I swear. I'm sitting in my room and really its a great spot to compose. I have the computer on a little table next to the piano, which is covered with staff paper, holding my precious scribblings. And then the sunlight is coming nicely through the windows.)

Speaking of friday cropping up, random days have been popping out of no where like this for a while. This isn't the first one. Pop pop pop until zoom, its march. The school year went by so fast (Yoshi-the months weren't so long. It told you so.) Now, it is FUCKING MARCH TWO_THOUSAND AND EIGHT!!!!!!!!!! WTF??????????
NO only is it march, but it is exactly 2 weeks till my 18th birthday. This isn't ok with me. I don't want to turn 18 now. I don't need to be adult right now.

Also, I need to do something for my birthday which is conveniently on a friday. What should I do?