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really neat dream

There was a awesome bathroom that had:
-secreat passeages
-a bidet
-another bidet full of water and a large grey fish with huge eyes
-It wasn't a very clean bathroom. My brain told me it was on my college campus, I think
-lots of doors
-MY GREEN COMFY CHAIR! who stole it?
-lots of other nice things to sit on
-blue walls

-it was badly decorated
-kindof dirty
-I couldn't find a toilet. Maybe there wasn't one.
-I wanted to take a picture of the fish, for my photo blog. That bathroom was so visually stimulating, there were a lot of good pictures to be had.

But I couldn't take pictures, because why?

I was part of a race. It went from one end, a half mile off campus, to another spot a couple miles off campus, but you had to run through campus. It was pretty, and people happened. It was interupted by the afore mention search for a bathroom so I decided to try to bike to the end to make up time, but then I saw that I had biked back to the beginning (I didn't start at the beginning in the first place.) I decided to just run a few miles. I ran the hardest I'd ever run and it felt really good.

It ended at an amusement park climbing gym half geared at kids. My Bremer, my high school IMP Math teacher, was there He was sort of in charge of the race, and was standing on a raised platform with someone I don't know, who probably was a co organizer. I needed to get back to school because Mom and John were reluctantly waiting for me, I just wanted to show off to Bremer that I had made it. he told me that if I hadn't gotten turned around I might have won, and he believed in me and that's why he told me to run the race. As I was standing up there, they decided they needed to ge the crowd of Sarah Lawrence Students quiet so they could talk, so of course that's like shutting up a highschool orchestra, except with more eclectic instruments. Bells, tiny symbols, vibrating rythym making balls, strange stringed instruments... I said I'd help, so when they did their staring at everyone imposingly, I made the motion of a conductor cutting off an orchestra. Then talking happened, and then I gave Bremer a really long goodbye hug, because I had known him since I was 13.

Then Dakota and I (Dakota is a random SLC woman I have taken a class with) took off running back towards campus so I could meet my mother and John. there were all these bridges and a=rocks and such around the park, and when the both of us got to the end of them we had accidentally but maybe on purpose climbed onto another planet.

The planet was less than desirable, and apparently had layers, and I thought the next layer up would have been better for Dakota as it was the first time she was experiencing this. This layer would give you food poisoning if you ate it. The layer was just a large vine, in a perfect circular loop.

We ran around the looped planet a few time I think, and then somehow she and the xkcd stick figure had a romantic relationship and she could control the universe, and chose to do so in the physical confines of an old apple monitor, in randall's drawing style. She did fun whimsical things. The other stick figure (as afore mentioned), decided to try the same thing in the monitor sitting next to hers, but had some jealousy, and so altered he universe to eat her happiness with a metaphysical creepy skull. She only perceived it as his decided she would like being encased in a neat slime ball. She didn't mind and pretended, for the stick figures sake, that it was fun.

Then my alarm went off.
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dream about powerlines and old adventurers.

Had a weird dream:

-my parents wanted to adventure so I had to get rid of everything I owned and prepare to backpack for basically the rest of my life.

-after stressing a lot I decided that I wanted a back up plan, and they happened to have an apartement that they could but never did use, it was grad student housing inexplicably provided to them for free. And it was very stressful moving all my stuff over there on my own, I felt like everyone was looking at my weird. and there was only a very tiny unreliable elevator, and the apartement was on the 17th floor.

-I was also feeling rushed because something unnamed and antagonistic was looking for us or something.

-The mission was to build power-lines in all the poorer communities in our area-- there was a whole huge valley full of people who didn't have phone or powerlines, although they were the people who built the power lines else where. so we figured they'd know how to.

-Im not sure when I became a grey 80 year old man working on this project alone. and then we were trying to enlist the help of birds. Unsuccessfully. And I tried hang-gliding, but there were problems there too. So I threw in the towel an woke up.
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I remember part of my dream was this great idea I had to do a production of the taming of the shrew with the genders (and gender roles?) reversed. I was the director, or co-director, in my dream.

The problem is I have never read nor seen the taming of the shrew, and I don't know what it is about. I've only seen one scene, I think.

So I'm thinking I should read it.

I think I would be a good director, if I was involved in the theater world. But you can't really legitimately expect anyone to let you direct when you haven't acted in anything significant.
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I was Dream conversing with my dream college school mates, and we were talking about how our school got built because of and around live journal, but how it was such a waste of time reading it so often.

I was like, yeah most of it isn't worth it. I skim the entries, and if the first sentence of a paragraph isn't so intriguing that I really feel the need to read on, on to the next paragraph I go.

Then my alarm went of. Ironic, I thought, I have to read on for this one (the alarm), but (this beeping) is one of the most uninteresting first sentences ever.

Disclaimer: I don't actually think you or your entries are worthless, nor do I judge them so harshly.
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I had a dream about a tarp like thing that made very dark cool shadows, and also encouraged things, mainly grass, to grow under it, in the shadows, it was like, the ultimate solar energy. also the ultimate shade structure, cause I think I was supposedly at burning man, even though it wasn't hot or dusty. It was kind of cold.

People I knew from school were in my dream, and Karen Wells was in my dream. Plot? dunno. Things were written on bits of cardboard.
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I win at life momentarily.

I am on Emily's computer. Her and kevin are in the loft, not asleep, but in a world that I think contains only the two of them. They are so beautiful.

I have been officially offered the job at Peets. I got the manager to like me, over telephone. We got talking about how exciting the environmental architecture of the new plant in Alameda is. Mmmm people.

I was a moment ago listening to Bob tell barbara about a tire tube that only had a little green stuff in it and it wasn't oozing so he went ahead and patched it. He said the green bubbled at every little hole and therefore just made it easier to patch. He didn't know what the green was though. Maybe it is an alien.

There was a kangaroo in my dream. It was just like normal real life, I was in a downtown area, and then there was a kangaroo, and I was like, what?
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I have an ID now. A REAL one. good stuff. I am going to Santa Cruz tomorrow, driving to Burning man sunday, camping with foxy kokonaut. I am tired, was up late talking to a guy from fort awesome around the corner till, like 2 am.

NOra the cat is gorgeous and blinking up at my with pretty eyes, and emily is celloing upstairs.

I had a dream about singing and playing the harp and it was really really pretty. Like, gorgeous. I wish I remembered all the notes, I'd write it down. I think, in my dream, Yoshi was here, which added to the prettiness. I've been having a lot of gorgeous dreams lately, it is darn awesome. They are full of detail, like music, and visual prettiness, and taste (peach cobbler like my mom makes). They are happy dreams.
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bad dream bad.

I was having a very nice, only mildly stressful dream, involving submarines and doctors and interesting people, and then there was a hurricane coming in a few hours, and I started to grab a couple things so I wouldn't be miserable on the submarine or after, and then someone told me I needed to pack up and take everything. I finally woke up because I was tired and frustrated of packing things that weren't important to me, like clothes.

I was technically awake at 10:15, and that was before I really got into this dream. I finally got up at 11:20. Also, the elevators move instantaneously in improbably ways- I know this because I couldn't catch a moment alone with this one man who I just wanted to kiss. damn elevators.

I also had a very cute imagining of a little animal, that was inspired by the stained glass butterfly on my window and the wrought iron bars, but was a purple monkey scampering to stay alive on some piping, and using the tail of a malicious snake to get down a few levels. That was the dream that lead into the submarine dream. The poor little monkey was going to die. This was worrisome.
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dream: tornado

I've walked into a performance in a jym. I don't know what it is, but it is somehow related to my highschool, which I am still a part of. Just, generic school. I am dressed in all green, like a fairy, and like the rest of the performers. It is a fire performance so I tell them I'll do fire safety. I run around a lot, messing up the appearance of their performance, but no one cared anyways, or was watching cause it's school. Also, I don't think there was any fire. Then we were, as a class I guess- people I didn't know, in some other part of the same school. I think it was a middle school, but not our school, and far away, and a tornado was coming. I told every one we needed to get safe, but the people from the school didn't listen, or notice our existance except to complain that we weren't supposed to be there. The people from my school only partially listened, making a nominal effort but joking around a lot. I just headed down and down and down more and more stairs, hoping and swinging around corners, like controlled falling, but since it was a dream, it felt like falling, but there were windows every level down. somehow every room had windows. Robin was sitting on the couch in the basement, laughing and chilling with a friend, and there was a big window right above her, she didn't understand. I was going from room to room like a frightened rat trying to get out of a locked bedroom. Finaly I found a room , a little nook or cranny where I could even hold onto smoe supporting beams.
I must have fallen asleep there because I wake up in a rather mediocre car. It is raining hard and I am curled up in the front seat so all I can see at first in the curtains of rain slathered down the front wind sheild. Once I become oriented, I see that Mary Dougherty is driving. I'm angry, because we are driving through a possible tornado. I don't know the status of it becuase the radio is not on, but it is freaky, because earier when we were on the school bus on the way to somewhere, there were cats sitting /clinging to potted plants flying through the sky, and the driver almost couldn't keep the bus on the ground.

So we are in downtown oakland, at night, driving, hoping to become safe from the tornado somehow. In my dream logic, I suggest we go to my step fathers place. So thats where we are, somehow, we don't get caught on the way. Then the people left are mary and Jeff, cause I do't know what happened to the other people, who wouldn't listen, and Ialso don't know how Jeff showed up, but because he was so obvously there the whole time I didn't think of it.

Weare trying to hide in the besement, but it doesn't seem as safe as I though because it isn't a real basement, and the only think seperating it from the upstairs is some floor boards. It sound like a train outside, as if we lived half a block away, and the horn and wheels never stopped. Mary Jeff and i were clinged to a beam. Then I stopped my dream, and tryed out the rocks. I went through several dream senarios, trying to find the one least likeley to lead to death. I needed to find something that if I was holding on to Mary and jeff, it could hold all three. We werepushed far under the house, under the stairs, when the tornado took off the top of the house, and my bed room. My bedroom is right outside of the storage room. Its sort of a besement, but with windows, and not very tornado proof.the last remaining wall on the west side tears off, and mary starts to fly away. I grab her arm, and dg my nails in, and pull. The wind is strong and just keeps pulling . i don't wantto let go. At this point, i decide that I am hanging onto the water heater instead of the wood, so I can pull her in more easily. I don't remember whethr I saved her. there were so many scenarios, i some of them jeffery was flyingaway, and in some isboth, and i was determined tohold on always.

Fnally I just decided I wasdone with the drem. I got to the eye of he storm, which doesn't make sense in this context. in the dream i was urging people stay,because an eye doesn't last long. but I just woke up instead and determined that I would right it down today, somehow, somewhere.

I remember when I was younger, at the boys and girls club, a funnel was near by. Worse that a warning cause a funnel can juat touch down any minute. They had us crouch on our elbows and knees under benches in he game room. It wouldn't have helped much. I snuck outside when no one might notice me, and watched the tunnel, swirling clouds, and feeling the strong clod wind in my hair. there was a rainbow, and only a sprinkling of rain. Little drops felt sometimes like whips and sometimes like butterfly kisses on my bare face and arms.

I wasn't afraid because if I died I died, and that would be that. If it touched down, I wouldn't any more or less dead than the kids crouching for hours under light wooden benches. I could have run inside if I had needed to- I was only right outside the door way. It didn't touch down.

I did this on a few occaisions, and no funnel ever touched down under my watch. The other occaision happened to be in the same town, now that I think of it. Brandon and I were at our apartement with mom. I don't remember if Brandon was there actually. There were sirens, and in between sirens I went outside to play in the rain with neighborhood girls. They were all much older than me, which might be why my mom let me do it. We got cups and scooped water up off the ground or the runoff drain or the creek, which was overflowing almost up to the parking lot, and moving fast. We were all soaked. Then one of us saw the funnel in the sky. There had been sirens based on the weather, but there hadn't been a funnel before then. We stopped and stood there, and stared, out necks bent, our heads back, in awe. If we said anything, it was in a whisper. After watching it for a good long while, in the windand the rain, we decided we had best go in and get on dry clothes before the alarm sounded and our parents made us hide in the bathrooms or where ever seemed sort of a little bit safer.
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did anyone watch care bears? YOu know the episode about the infinite apple tree, and people start stocking up on apples cause they are afraid the tree will stop producing, then it dies. Its totally referencing speculation, dudes. One person takes an extra, which spurrs others to take more, ...

I need to write down a tornado dream today. It was sortof lucid, but I didn't have total control. I was with Mary Dougherty and Jeff Wong.