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The best way to raise a child, the best thing you can every do for your child, is to take care of yourself.

Taking care of yourself means to go about your life in a healthy way. Including:

Do not be self deprecating.
Stay organized and on top of what you need to get done to keep yourself happy and un-disappointed with yourself.
Keep yourself clean (to the degree that it is important to you, but also to the degree that it will keep you and others healthy)
Do not criticize other people for things, unless you intend to make a moral out of it and have a grounded reason for it to be a problem for the person or others.
Do not criticize people you or the child know to the child- Unless you have talked to said person and they are unwilling to change, and you want the child to know where you stand on the issue.
Have reasons for things.
Don't ask your child for advice, and don't make decisions that you feel the need to question aloud. A child needs a firm solid base to put his or her roots upon.
Be aware of your behavior: if you have morals follow them. If you have a pet peeve, pay attention to make sure you are not doing it yourself. This will help make sure you do not dislike the company of your child for picking up your bad habits.
Stay calm, deal with problems well. Your child will learn that from you. Only help your child with problems if they have explained to you why they cannot do it themselves. If you ever need their help, be sure and tell them why. HOwever, if they do need help, give it to them.
Follow through with commitments. This is similar to being organized. Come through for yourself as well as your child, so that they can rely on you.

These are just some thoughts I was having. I do this in my head a lot.
Why I haven't written any recently I don't know.

The main point of this is, I suppose, that the most important thing you can do is to be not self deprecating, and to follow through with your commitments to yourself.

I'm not sure that I want comments- but Who knows, I might. YOu could always send me an lj message if you must.
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