mackenzie (mackelzinzie) wrote,

My goal in life is to convince other people to become existentialist, and stop wishing to procreate.

Life has no meaning, and there is so much time, and so little time, depending on what you do with it.
If I say that everything I do is meaningless, then I just sit there, doing nothing. Mankind must work. For no good reason. That is all we know how to do. without something to fill our time we go crazy.

Parasites of the earth just to pass time, meaningless time.

For this reason, why bring more people into the world?
They'll have the torture of passing time too.

Perhaps I should become a librarian and just read by life away? No, I'd hate it. As I know, I am driven to do something meaningful. I wonder if I'll be accepted to MIT. Would I go? Meaningless toil. It's funny I talk of passing time when right now I have too much of it. Perhaps our school system is perfect in that it prevents students from having a chance to notice the empty passing of time so harshly.

Perhaps I should become an artist in an effort to freeze small portions of the world in time.

I have no reason to live, and my self decided reason will then become to convince the rest of the world that this is universal.

yeah, that sentence is convoluted.
But now that I have purpose, I am less depressed.
Tags: depression, exisentialism, school, the now book, thoughts

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