mackenzie (mackelzinzie) wrote,

Neglect of dependent, anger

I haven’t told Ember yet that I’m pissed 😤. But I am very pissed.

She agreed to take care of PeeWee while I was gone starting Monday until today, Saturday.

She told me last night that she hadn’t cleaned the litter box even once since I’ve been gone. I told her calmly that that was not good for PeeWees health and could cause him to decide the box was too dirty and go elsewhere.

Today I get home and she still didn’t do it, told me over text she decided to do the dishes instead. I don’t see how it’s an instead sort of situation.

She told me she was too tired to do it because of battling the flea infestation which seems to me like a guilt trip. There was nothing I could have done to prevent this.


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