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My physics club friend Pete just said to me he has an analogy between weather and emotion. He says there is the daily ups and downs, weather for the day, week, or month, but there is a general climate that it all fits into. He says the base of that climate is grief. The world is a very very sad place.

This came up because I just had acupuncture for the second time. Both times I started silently sobbing 15 min or so into it. This time it helped my pain but I feel emotionally fragile. Last time, I sobbed for upwards of 6 hours afterwards. Whole body sobs bigger than I can ever remember having, such that I just put myself over the sink most of the time to drain my tears and snot and cough up the phlegm which I get when sobbing. I always feel like I’m going to choke, and it’s a legit fear.


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