mackenzie (mackelzinzie) wrote,

2 weeks

That plan I had to not see a new person more often than every two weeks

I forgot about it but it was a good plan. I also noticed when reading my old diary that i had a plan to know someone for months before sleeping with them. Also a solid plan. I'm not doing to bad at that one but i might've been able to date Scout if I had followed those rules.

I saw Ember tonight. She helped me look at a car, and I took her out to eat at soully vegan, where there happened to be a live funk band and I happenedto dance and the band told me to come to any show and bring my girlfriend, and I blushed a lot and Ember shyly told me she liked the sound of that.

So now I need to not fuck it up again by getting all entitled acting like I do when I'm Dating someone vs just going on dates with them.


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