mackenzie (mackelzinzie) wrote,

Proper care and feeding of my metamore

How inappropriate is it to offer to help a metamore that I've only briefly met with securing housing? How additionally inappropriate is it to offer to pay temporarily the difference in cost for a more expensive place until they find a cheaper one.

My own rent is very low. Im working very hard to save money so I can someday have foster kids.

Right now, though, my metamore, who is only 20, is struggling. And while I've only met them breifly, they are precious to me by way of being precious to my girlfriend.

I think we are both over protective because they are young and small. I also have a personal interest in my metamore not moving in with my girlfriend, for obvious selfish reasons as well as wanting to minimize how codependant they are for the sake of their relationship.

I feel i need to justify or reality check myself before offering hundreds of dollars and/or hella time. But this isn't out of character. I'm evidently very resourceful and generous. I want to pay forward all the help and good luck I've had.

But will i just sound crazy?


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