mackenzie (mackelzinzie) wrote,

so, being brave just means pretending you aren't scared.

I know I talk about confrontation like I think its no big thing, and people assume it comes easy to me.

However, sometimes I get a lot of anxiety trying to stand my ground, in little situations that aren't really important. For example sending an email to a potential client saying "no I wont lower my rates for you for no reason, they stay where they are, but I can work for less time, if that will help." and knowing I probably wont get this job because I think the person sounds shady. But I really want to person to hire me, and don't like rejection. Sometimes even if I am rejecting the other person it still feels like rejection and I get insecure.

Confrontation is hard and anxiety reducing becuase I fear that I will close/burn metephorical bridges that way. The reality is that sometimes that happens but much less often than we expect.

So yes it's hard. Sorry I ever make anyone feel bad when I pretend otherwise. But we still need to do it, because we need to communicate. The more you do it, the less scary it gets, and the better you'll get at doing it without upsetting anyone.
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