mackenzie (mackelzinzie) wrote,

Sorry, My brain just happens to be functioning today.

I wonder:

Nomadicy. Like as in nomadic people, but as a concept. I believe it detracts from life- from focus, or ability to finish large projects, or deep relationships, or stability, sure.
Communities allow someone to retreat into themselves without being forgotten, in order that they can understand and know themselves better. I believe it is hard to get to know one's self without a stable environment, because I think they are too much around other people, and even relying on other people. These past sentences did not make sense. Kay, so imagine you are traveling. People do not know you, and people are also generally fascinating. So you are meeting all these great people and talking to them. Then you leave, go somewhere else. You're staying in little hotel rooms or tents, or in small spaces that do not belong to you. Everything is transitory. You bring little with you. It is easy to drop off the face of existence, which you cannot do if you need interaction with people. And people are fascinating. But not only that, there are emotions and hormones and shit one gains from interaction which are probably important. So if you drop away, and then you want friends again, you have to start all over, which is a lot of work, and after a while all those new interesting opinions have only gotten you so far because you haven't experienced anything past the rudimentary stages of interpersonal interaction. In order to really know yourself, I think you have to know a lot of people in stages past that of friendly acquaintance. (Not to mention that there are intellectual parts of the brain that are think are neglected when everyone you've met only ever becomes your acquaintance. But I have nothing to back up that idea)
So in having to start all over, you can never have a support system behind you if you want to examine the workings of your own brain. Also, if your always traveling and nothing is garunteed to stick around, you are not going to invest in things. This can mean not doing large art projects maybe, or it could mean a lack of access to materials you might want to experiment. Perhaps you are a brilliant scientific mind but don't know it because you are always traveling.

My point is that traveling, or as I said, nomadicy, can define a life absolutely, leaving little room for anything else. In having absolute freedom, one traps their self with a lack of stability, and inability to access community.

All of this is under the assumption that the one traveling is not in a band of people, As in our society, I don't believe there are actual nomadic groups of people who stick together as a community. I think it is a pretty personal thing.

(This thought was inspired to my awareness of my previous predisposition in favor of nomadicy. Also, and more so, in my mothers nomadic tendacys. She's been all over and done all sorts of things, but she is lost and alone.)
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